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More than just an inspection company

Inspector Joe loves to help people by informing them of all the in's and out's of the home they are planning on buying. As a former handyman he got to spend time working with the realtors and homeowners, making the repairs that were necessary to make a home safe and sound.  With a background in construction management, multiple years running multi-million dollar commercial construction projects, and 4 years as a handyman business owner, Joe has exceptional knowledge and experience in the building and realestate industry.  Joe has been performing home inspections for 6 years, learning from the best in the industry.   Joe has a family of 5, living in the suburbs of Cary, NC where he purchased a fixer upper and put all the necessary work in to make the home suitable to live in for his family.  He knows well the process, understands how contractors and handymen work, and can be very informative and helpful in the home buying experience.  Him and his wife homeschool their 3 children, and live with the moto to always love God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.  


Joe is licensed as a Home Inspector & Septic Inspector. He has an Advanced Pool & Spa Certification to inspect pools. He can offer Radon, Termite, Mold, and Well Water Tests.  


Let Joe be your one stop shop for your home inspection needs. 

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